News 2022-11-07


In our work to help our customers achieve new results, we have started using the tool BPI - Business Performance Index. Behind the tool stands the company Beta Team Performance, which for over 25 years has helped companies move forward by, among other things, developing BPI.
Through the employee survey BPI, we measure, analyze and evaluate the well-being of organizations. The measurement will be a support in the company's development journey towards new results. It becomes concrete and easy to pinpoint what needs to be developed.

"Imagine if we could keep track of and work with our organization in the same way as we do with sales and market figures. In a quick, simple and clear way. We say that it is our most important resource"
//Bengt Baron, CEO Cloetta

This is a quote from one of the people behind the tool BPI, Business Performance Index.

Unlike regular employee surveys, the BPI measures behaviors that everyone can influence. We Make It Happen will work with BPI as one of our tools where we measure and train leaders, teams & individuals for better performance.

The measurement gives you answers to how your leaders, teams and individuals value and perform on factors regarding behavior, culture and values ​​- that is, factors that can be changed.
The measurement is quick and efficient, in just 21 days you get from start to result. With the result as the current state, we supplement with our successful process where we help our customers create new results.

This is a perfect tool to get a clear picture of how your organization is currently performing. It is also a perfect tool to use when you, as a leader, take on a new challenge and want to know what you have in front of you. It doesn't stop at you just getting a picture of the current situation, but the most important thing is that we put focus and action together on what you have to do to manage the situation and move on.

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In September, We Make It Happen held an exciting breakfast meeting in Båstad, together with Meta Bytes and Hotel Skansen with a focus on making the right things happen! Together with our customer Meta Bytes, we went through our joint journey in 2022 to show how you can work to build a strong structure and culture that makes the right things happen and thus steer towards the company's ambitious goals.